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Our engineering team is capable of developing customized products considering the complete development cycle. We have our own resources for development, from the hardware part, to backend, frontend and manufacturing. We can also provide support in the product certification process.


We carry out the programming of the devices at a low level with the most appropriate development tools for each project. We also program the rest of the elements that can form a system, such as the backend, web and app.


Both in the development stage and in the manufacturing stage, we carry out quality controls on our work. With this we can guarantee that the result that reaches the client is in accordance with the specifications and we avoid rejections, which considerably improves development times and costs.


At GSEIN we take care of the comprehensive development of customized projects and products, from the product concept to manufacturing and certification. We always work with our own resources , with the aim of guaranteeing results and ensuring that the entire process is carried out according to our quality criteria.

We manufacture products according to the customer’s specifications , delivering the electronic boards separately or including them in their frame, carrying out all the validation processes defined together with our customer.

We take into account the manufacturing volume and the objective cost of the product to choose the technologies that best suit each application.